Terms and Conditions of Use

Your Login will be sent via SMS/WhatsApp for Instant Access

Registration for Singapore Mobile Number Only

SMS / Call Credits have NO Expire Date, NO Setup Fee, NO Minimum Use, NO Annual Fee, NO Maintenance Fee. SMS Credits and Voice Call Credits are the same, 1 SMS = 1 Call = 1 Credit

WhatsApp Service Requires Further Registrations with Facebook, Contact Fort Digital

QMS, VMS, and EMS Systems 3 Days Trial After Sign Up, Contact Fort Digital for Extension of Use

You cannot use these services for Financing , Loan, Betting, Escorts, SCAM, Phishing, Political, Racial and Religious Messages. Your Mobile Number, IP Address, Email and Sent Logs are all Recorded. Once caught violated, your account will be suspended, no credits will be refunded, and case will be handed to the Authority. If you use Number Masking SMS, you must not change Sender ID that belongs to another company or corporate brand holders. Please seek approval before using specific existing name or brand owned by other entity. Best, only use your own company name for the Sender ID. If you change Sender ID to Phone Number, make sure you get permission before hand. Please note that all messages you sent have logs that can be traced if you misused. Thank You for your cooperation.